The Baby Stuff Store is all about helping parents ease the stress of the early stages of parenting. Becoming a parent is challenging enough, especially for the first time. As the baby grows, so does the demand for new clothes and more food. Sometimes this growth happens a lot faster than the budget allows​

This is why we've developed the idea to link parents in need with parents who've conquered the most challenging years of their childs growth. We accept donations of  new and barely used baby clothes and accessories ,and pass along that blessing to the parent in need. Consider us the #1 "baby stuff" depot of the decade!

Owners: Anasia  & Adeléyah

Anasia (4yrs) & Adeléyah (1yr) have been blessed with more clothes than they could ever wear. One day Anasia had a bright idea when her dad couldn't afford to buy her candy from the local store; Sell some clothes!

Watching her dad work from home each day prompted Anasia into asking for a business, so that she could buy some candy and Dad could get a red car, so that she go to school. So here we have it, Anasia's very own business at only 4 years old, along with her sister, partner and product model Adeleyah!

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