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Owner of the Baby General Store is "Really A Baby'?

"Most likely One of America's youngest successful business owners; Adeléyah Jordan transformed the grace and mercy of God into her very own business."

Meet Adeléyah; Ade' for short. A four year-old who came up with a plan to sell all of the clothes she never wore since birth. Pulling her 7 year old sister in on the deal (to get her clothes) and her father who owned his own graphic design and website development company; they launched the Baby General Store. .

The focus of the store was to provide underpriveleged parents the opportunity to purchase baby clothes, shoes, and more for all under $5, with 10% of those items being just $1. The Baby General Store will also offer premium brands and labels at discount prices, as well as; allow parents across the country to sell and donate quality-used, or like-new items on the platform directly, to help increase household revenue and even provide a pay stream for stay-at-home moms.

When Asked what prompted her to sell her clothes, Adeléyah replies; "To help daddy get a house". Her older sister Anasyah (now 8) agrees and adds; "daddy works to hard everyday and people never let him get a house." Her father; Lamonte Jordan; is a Navy Veteran of Operation Desert Storm and is a single parent raising the girls on his own and homeschooling with no support system. Her father states that he put the business in his daughters' name in hopes of developing a means to secure their futures and continues to place his talents behind the business in support of his daughters.

The Baby General Store opened its online doors on Ade's Birthday August 22, 2022 and has already exceeded expectations within a month; indicating a need within the market that already has this family team of (3) thinking about adding more products to the store and providing even more incentives for online shoppers and parents all over the world!

To find out more about the store and their products you can visit:

Shop Baby Clothes. Shoes. Stuff & More.

Under $5 @ The Baby General Store!

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